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A beautiful collection of functional and stylish work; hand crafted by Finnish ceramicist Nathalie Lautenbacher. Functional yet aesthetic, a subtle and gentle pallet of soft greys, sky blues and a charcoal enhancing the form and pureness. The Porcelain body is stained to achieve this unique matte finish. Nathalie Lautenbacher’s elegant pieces raise the ordinary everyday use of functional objects to a poetic dining experience.

Nathalie Lautenbacher ceramics are all handmade from the mixing of the clay bodies to the glaze. Nathalie studied University of Art and Design Helsinki (UIAH). She is both a Finnish and French national and works as a researcher and teacher.

”There’s something very satisfying and addictive about working with clay. The slowness of it makes time stop, but you still feel as if you’re keeping up with life. It’s a material that gives you a firm hold of the world."
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