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Nicola Tassie trained originally as a painter at the Central School of Art and Design, but now works exclusively in ceramics after specialising in the craft at Islington Institute. Tassie’s ceramics explore and manipulate the material and conceptual possibilities of domestic forms, investigating the relationship between function and art. 

Tassie works with earthenware and stoneware to create clean and simple forms. She is continually exploring ceramic processes and alternates between the wheel and hand-building. Tassie’s pieces vary widely in scale and form, and she uses a variety of differing clay bodies and firing techniques. Surfaces are transformed through line-marking at different stages of the making-process; incised into the clay body, scored through the glazing or sgraffitoed into the slip. 

Tassie is a founding member and Director of Education at Standpoint Studios. She creates still-life sets, installations and sculptural objects from her domestic wares and has an ongoing collaboration with the designer Margaret Howell.




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