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Sofie Berg

Sofie Berg is creating tableware with a high sense of functionality and beauty. The objects are elegant yet minimalistic and durable. She is striving for purity in every shape. Her inspiration comes from traditional Scandinavian craft and nature, and the simplicity of the Japanese aesthetic.

She is now based in Malmö, Sweden, and has studied ceramics in Stockholm and Leksand. During her upbringing on a farm in the woodland of central Sweden, handicrafts and nature were always present. Nature works both as a source of inspiration and materials. In her forests, she collects birch roots for teapot handles, while the tree trunks become fuel for the woodfired kiln.

She finds motivation and joy in the challenge of combining functionality with beauty in tableware. Her teapots and cups are made to be used and enjoyed every day, without giving in to aesthetic compromises.

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