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As StudioLoganHowes, Florence Logan and Ruth Howes have made a transportive collection of works exploring a human relationship with environment, with keen consideration to balance, tension and scale.

Hailing from East Anglia, with it’s huge open skies, they explore man’s attachment to both the coast and inland landscapes in a purposefully minimal way. These sculptures suggest a narrative, often provoking a visceral response. Created with an economy of materials, the quiet modesty of the works belie their production process and story.

The collaboration evolved from an invitation to repurpose waste wood from Norfolk furniture and design company par-avion co. By carefully selecting and breathing a second life into these off cuts Logan and Howes have a composed body of works, eliciting delight in the viewer.

Flo has a background in anthropology; her practice is largely material led and inspired by the varied settings in which she has lived and studied. Expanding the expertise gathered in jewellery design she explores the dynamics of hung sculptural work; with widely admired limited edition collections. An appreciation of the nobel qualities of wood align with honing her skills as a wood turner; celebrating and not being afraid to work with the imperfections as part of the wood’s story.

Having studied sculpture at Norwich School of Art and graduating in 2000, Ruth navigated working more commercially in London, commissioned for illustration and painting, before arriving at a decade-long papercutting practice. Creating works using only paper and blade, she developed an interest in making complicated work evolved from the simplest of materials. In moving back towards a sculpture discipline Ruth’s intricate pieces finely balance ‘technical’ and ‘invention’, being acute and whimsical in one.




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