Tina Marie Bentsen

Tina Marie Bentsen trained in Ceramics at Kolding Design School. She handcrafts stoneware with simple, geometric and timeless shapes on the potters wheel or in moulds. Tina develops her own glazes, which, along with the colours and textures of her pieces, are intended to appeal to both the eyes and hands. Tina Marie aims to follow in Denmark’s tradition of handmade studio ceramics and she takes inspiration from her surroundings in Copenhagen. She consciously selects high quality materials, locally produced if possible, to last a long time and to be treasured. Her works are unique with many variations, and she embraces any flaws and marks made during the making process visible.


" I am quite inspired by my surroundings in Copenhagen. The contours on my pieces are often graphic, simple and with rather strict edges, like a lot of architecture. I appreciate architecture, especially modernism and funkis style. I find staircases highly appealing - the way light comes through a window and dissolves shadow, how different colors and textures on walls meet and affect eachother, the anticipation when entering a beautiful door. I always seem to notice different surfaces - and color combinations on facades, when passing by buildings on my bike trips around town."



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