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Jack Doherty Tall Carved Vessel I


Handmade in England

Dimensions: H 33cm x Ø 9.5cm

Materials: Porcelain 

Method: Wheel-thrown; soda-fired 

Care: Water-tight, high-fired porcelain. Gently hand wash. 


This tall, slender vessel exhibits an exterior surface of smokey, dark greys marked with an intricate lichen-like patterning of deep browns and strong, russet ochres. One of two works in the Vocation collection which has been decisively carved on its blackened underbelly. A softly dimpled imprint of the artist’s hand and splices that appear like gills feature on the vessel’s surface.

About the Artist 

Jack Doherty is a ceramic artist based in Cornwall. Using one clay body, one colouring mineral and one single firing technique, Doherty’s singleness of process and practice of utmost refinement has granted him a way of making that allows him to speak of the stories that are important to him. Doherty’s fascination with prehistoric ceramics is revealed through the form of the vessels themselves, whose archetypal shapes have their roots in a universal history.

Jack Doherty Tall Carved Vessel I



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