Gary Allson oil oak bowl 12.1
Gary Allson oil oak bowl 12.1

Gary Allson oil oak bowl 12.1

Maker: Gary Allson

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  Handmade in England. 

Gary Allson’s hand turned oak bowl, has a natural surface finish and simplicity in form. The bowl is both functional and ornamental and can be used for fruits nuts and chocolates. Gary’s work shows pared down simplicity and reveals the honest beauty of the wood.

Dimensions: w-18cm x h-8cm


As all products are handmade sizes and colour may vary slightly.


Gary designs and makes hand turned wooden bowls and plates. The work is made in his studio in Cornwall using locally sourced sustainable timber: oak, beech, cherry and ash. Following traditional techniques the work focuses on elemental forms with natural surface finishes and a contemporary identity. 


MA Graduate of RCA Gary assisted Anthony Gormley in the making of Angel of the North. Gary is a visiting lecturer at University College Falmouth and continues to develop his digital work from his studio.