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Ash & Plumb Ouse III in Natural Oak


Dimensions: H 18.5cm x W 19cm 

Materials: Lightening-struck English Oak with waxed cotton stitching 

Method:  Handcrafted

Care: Non-functional, to clean dust with a dry cloth



This Natural Oak vessel, inspired by ancient vessels, bulbs, and seed pods, features a distinct narrower form with paired-back handles. Crafted with masterful craftsmanship, it showcases fine construction and meticulous attention to the wood grain's placement, which rises and falls to embellish its shape. Made from oak, this vessel combines timeless craftsmanship with contemporary wood artistry.


About the Artist

Ash & Plumb was born out of the creative partnership of Barnaby Ash & Andrew Plumb in June 2020, working together in their workshop in the South Downs they specialise in the creation of distinctive and individual sculptural artworks & vessels.

Using responsibly sourced green (unseasoned) Oak for their sculptural creations, the pairing collaborate with their material of choice in a way that celebrates the natural beauty of the tree, embracing every aspect of its character.

Ash & Plumb's artistic practice draws inspiration from ancient and archetypal forms. This allows them to bring a sense of timelessness and rootedness to their creations. The pair's expertise lies not only in their technical skills but also in their ability to capture the essence of tradition and ancient craftsmanship, infusing it into their contemporary work.


Ash & Plumb Ouse III in Natural Oak



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