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Ashraf Hanna Off White Vessel with Undulating Rim


Handmade in UK.

Dimensions: W 17.5cm x H 39cm

Materials: Clay

Method: Hand-built



A large-scale, off white vessel hand made by Ashraf Hanna, an artist who is interested in the essence of form, which is revealed through his contemporary silhouettes. This piece has an elegant and refined body, with an undulating opening. It rests flawlessly, maintaining a perfect balance. Ashraf uses slabs of clay to create the original form, which is then followed by using refined slips and stained clays, being sure to use a carefully considered colour palette. He uses simple tools like the paintbrush to create textures on the exterior, resulting in a unique piece of art.


About the Artist:

Ashraf Hanna is celebrated across the world for his exquisite sculptural hand-built forms. Whilst Hanna is now based in Wales, he grew up in Egypt, where he was surrounded by classical forms of pottery. Studying at El Minia College of Fine Arts and taking still-life drawing classes prompted a more considered examination of the pottery forms that had always been present in his life and sparked an interest in groupings of objects. 

Hanna’s enjoyment of drawing ceramics was translated to creating ceramics through his future wife, sculptor Sue Hanna, and he went on to undertake an MA in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art in London. It is the juxtaposition of the resulting lines, profiles and spaces which emerge from his continually developing process which intrigues Hanna. His pieces are intended to provoke emotional and intellectual responses and their success in doing so has made him the recipient of numerous awards. His work is represented in prestigious collections such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Ashraf Hanna Off White Vessel with Undulating Rim



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