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Yasuhide Ono Macrame with 18K white gold necklace with quartz pendant


Handmade in Japan

Chain length: 43cm

Pendant Dimensions: Ø 1cm x L 2.5cm

Materials: Macrame and 18K white gold, Quartz pendant



A striking, piece boasting harmonious balance, this necklace has an elegantly curved structure formed by a charcoal grey macrame, connected by beautifully delicate white gold chain. The contrasts in the necklace are brought together by the bold form and soft tone of a large quartz pendant, an intriguing piece that unites both clean cut angles and raw, natural edges. A loop with two beads form a clasp that is a delicate and beautiful feature in itself. 


About the Artist

Yasuhide Ono creates unique and beautiful jewellery combining various techniques using crystal and minerals, as well as utilising the weaving process of macramé. He started making accessories after being fascinated by the natural stones he encountered while wandering around the world. His work is grounded in his respect for the materials.

The accessories he creates are not meant to be decorations or to adorn people, but rather, to be a gentle companion to people. He acknowledges that minerals are created and shaped by nature over long periods of time, and thus creates jewellery which respects this process. He sees his jewellery as connecting the earth, universe, and spirit worlds.

He resides in the countryside, where his gallery occupies a remodelled poultry house that is 80 years old; he is drawn to this space for the way in which it mixes the old with the new. Rather than discarding old and broken objects, Ono seeks to honour the history and lineage of objects and spaces alike.

In addition, Ono is the owner of a concept store / atelier gallery called “Utsushiki” in the village located between Fukuoka city and Kitakyushu. It is dotted with works produced by Ono, old tools brought back from Japan and India, warm clothes made by hand, and delicious food. Ono’s workshop, and the lives of his own family, depends on this space.

Yasuhide Ono Macrame with 18K white gold necklace with quartz pendant



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