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Corrinne Eira Evans T Ring



Uk Size: V

Materials: Recycled silver and titanium

Method:  Handcrafted

Care: To clean rub gently with a cloth



This beautifully hand-woven ring lays flat to the body elegantly catching the light as it moves. Each link is hand-crafted from Titanium and recycled silver using a traditional flat chainmail technique to dance between its motifs.


About the Artist

Corrinne Eira Evans is a contemporary jeweller who draws inspiration from the landscape of Dartmoor. Her designs emphasise tactility with fluid chainmail, singular stones, and handcrafted forms that contour the body. 

Evans carefully selects materials and finishes that reflect her natural inspirations. Irregular, faceted gemstones tell the story of rugged topography, while oxidised silver, titanium, and gold are layered in a multi-hued landscape.

Chainmail jewellery is a signature of Evans's work, where individual links are woven together in a fabric of metal, simultaneously intricate and sculptural. Every chainmail piece has an irresistible sense of tactility and motion, moving fluidly on and with the body. Corrinne Eira Evans’s jewellery reinvents an age-old heritage craft into a dynamic wearable art form.

Corrinne Eira Evans T Ring



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