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Craig Bamford 'Between worlds'



Dimensions: H 11cm x W 12cm

Materials: Brass and steel

Method: Handcrafted

Care: Dust lightly using a natural cloth, being careful on the more delicate parts



"Between Worlds" from Craig Bamford is a tangible embodiment of the timeless myth that speaks of boats ferrying souls to the afterlife. This captivating artwork features a textured orange block, serving as the vessel's foundational platform. Resting atop this block is a poignant artefact, a boat crafted from a World War II bullet shell. The block itself possesses a striking feature: a meticulously carved semi-circular recess within the blood-orange, symbolising the boat's transition between two realms.

The myth that inspired this work resonates with Bamford’s interpretation, transcending temporal and cultural boundaries. It's a narrative found across various civilizations, from the Anglo Saxons to the Polynesians and the Egyptians. The Polynesians, in particular, are known for crafting elaborately decorated boats designed for this very purpose, some of which have been discovered in secluded caves. "Between Worlds" captures the essence of this myth, grounding it in a physical form. The orange block represents the earthly realm, providing stability and foundation, while the transformed WW2 bullet shell boat is in movement, transitioning into the afterlife. The semi-circular recess acts as a visual gateway, symbolising the passage between this world and the cosmic ocean beyond.

In this artwork, water's fluidity and its capacity for narrative are represented, eliciting within viewers the universal yearning to transcend the boundaries that separate us from the eternal. "Between Worlds" offers viewers a powerful visual representation of this myth, connecting the earthly realm with the enigmatic, cosmic ocean that beckons in the afterlife. It serves as a profound bridge between the myth and the material, evoking a sense of transition, transformation, and the enduring quest to understand what lies beyond.


About the Artist

SASA Works is the vision of artist, architect, designer and master craftsman Craig Bamford. Raised in Kenya, Bamford was here significantly influenced by the wild landscape and a notable focus on the handmade - informing his founding philosophies and motivating him to pursue studies in metalwork, carpentry and architecture. Drawing on these disciplines, Bamford explores the poetics of space with a strong emphasis on writing, drawing and painting as part of his process. Working alongside a small team of artisans, Bamford creates collections and spaces with a unique sense of style, formed through a relationship to materials that are locally sourced, reclaimed and reimagined to illuminate their own unique story.

Craig Bamford 'Between worlds'



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