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Elizabeth Gorringe Coffee Mug


Dimensions: H 5.5cm x W 9.5cm 

Materials: Porcelain and matte black glaze.

Method:  Hand-thrown and turned. The glaze is applied using a sprayed technique and the vessel has been fired to 1285° in Oxidation. 

Care: Functional.



This mug radiates understated charm. Standing short and wide, it presents a sense of solidity, whilst a small, slight handle adds delicate functionality. This mug displays a matte charcoal surface evoking an atmospheric ambiance. The smooth surface and balanced form allows it to sit gently in the hand, seamlessly integrating itself into the daily rituals of life. With a minimalist form, this mug exemplifies reliability and refined design, offering a comforting grip for sips of a warm drink.


About the Artist

Elizabeth Gorringe is a ceramic artist based in Oxfordshire, UK. While fully self-taught, designing and making has always been a fundamental part of Gorringe’s life, be it through film, photography or designing and making functional objects. Gorringe intends for her body of work to be minimalist in nature, but for it to hold some form of tangible lyricism within it. Objects with purity and purpose. Gorringe’s intention for her vessels is for them to hold a simplicity of line and form, distilled to their vital components so that the forms remain simple, restrained and uncluttered. 

Elizabeth Gorringe Coffee Mug



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