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Hiroshi Toyofuku Tea Bowl 1


Dimensions: H 7.5cm x W 14cm 

Materials: Hiyose clay

Method:  hand built, wood fired

Care: Can hold water. Dust lightly to clean.



Produced in Bizen with the local hiyose clay, this bowl possesses an earthy texture, expressive colours and eye-catching patterns. The wood-firing process lasts over a week and results in the unpredictable "patterns" of stripes, dots, and alternating colour fields, stunning testaments to the material's inherent beauty. Toyofuku’s piece is distinguished by a marbled, stratified surface; earthy umbers, greys and rich browns; and rustic, intricate textures. 


About the Artist

Based in the Bizen area of Okayama, Hiroshi Toyofuku is a ceramicist whose pottery is distinguished by a marbled, stratified surface and angular forms. Bizen has been the centre of Bizen-ware production for over a thousand years and is characterized by unglazed, wood-fired kilns, and firings that last more than a week. Each piece is a testament to the inherent beauty, honesty, and history within Toyofuku’s materials and production methods.

Hiroshi Toyofuku Tea Bowl 1



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