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Junsuke Inatomi Sculptural Box 9


Handmade in Japan 

Dimensions: W 6cm x H 7cm x L 10cm 

Materials: Stoneware

Method:  Hand built

Care: Nonfunctional



Junsuke Inatomi has created a unique vessel with resemblances to a mould-like structure. Its two halves can be separated. Its soft yet rugged exterior ready to protect its concealed inner space. When opened, it reveals a reverse brick-like structure that may serve as a guardian for the growth within. This enchanting and timeless vessel is full of poetry.



About the Artist

Junsuke Inatomi is a highly accomplished ceramic artist who creates elegant hand-built vessels that transform and modulate in different lights. He spends his days in his rural studio in Osaka, following a devoted ritual of shaping and firing clay in a white formula. Inatomi's work explores the profundity of clay as a raw medium, and he believes that its yearning for beauty transcends the timeline of one's own life.

Inatomi's work is renowned for its unique antique patina and exceptional silver glazes that adapt to their use. The resulting pieces have gentle materiality and soft forms, often praised for their warmth and kindness.

Junsuke Inatomi Sculptural Box 9



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