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Louise Egedal 'Lunar No. 012'


Handmade in Denmark 

Dimensions: 29Ø cm x H 24cm 

Materials: Three kinds of Stoneware carefully kneaded together. Glazed inside 

Method:  Wheel thrown jar in two pieces, then assembled and fired to 1260 C.

Care instructions: Watertight, to Clean use water or a damp cloth. Please place on a watertight surface first as to avoid condensation beneath the piece. 



 "Ever since I saw a moon jar in Japan I´ve marveled at the skill that goes into making these; the calm, strong expression they possess is impressive. Also, the fact that they are made in two pieces and then assembled add to the complexity of making the jar. Though I´m highly influenced by the Japanese tradition, I´m aware of my Scandinavian inheritance. Making a moon jar is infused with old traditions and symbols; some I might not grasp the full depth of – but I do hope that the sincere love of form shines through in my pieces, and that they too convey calm and strength. That´s what I´ve been aiming for in shaping my jars."


About the Artist

Louise Egedal works across artistic fields, in ceramics, painting, photography and sculpture, on the island Funen in Denmark. Her ceramic pieces are inspired by Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthetics and her classical Danish craft education, her characteristic style that she refers to as “Nordic Wabi-sabi.”

Louise’s rustic and vivid stoneware pieces are thrown on the wheel, and subsequently chiselled and carved. Marks from the process of creating are purposefully left to emphasize its hand-made production and that each piece is one of a kind. Muted tones evoke the clam and stillness of natural surroundings.

Louise Egedal 'Lunar No. 012'



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