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Mizuyo Yamashita Sculptural Bottle 61
Mizuyo Yamashita Sculptural Bottle 61
Mizuyo Yamashita Sculptural Bottle 61

Mizuyo Yamashita Sculptural Bottle 61

Maker: Mizuyo Yamashita

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Handmade in England

Dimensions: Ø 9cm x H 14cm

Materials: Stoneware

Method:  Hand coiled 

Care: Watertight, dry after use



This beautifully crafted sculptural bottle comprises a compressed rounded body and elegant neck that stands tall and flicks out with a subtle lip. A subtly curved form links the body and neck gracefully, creating beauty through undulations. The bottle takes on a natural light beige hue with a smooth surface. Textural ripples ornament the surface and follow the rounded form. Meticulously crafted, the bottle has a beautifully balanced silhouette with a timeless feel.


About the Artist

Mizuyo Yamashita is a Japanese ceramicist who has lived and worked in London since 2000.  Mizuyo studied ceramics at Kensington and Chelsea college, City Lit and University of Westminster and now specialises in tableware and decorative pieces for the home. Mizuyo's forms display an interesting combination of English and Japanese cultures, traditional techniques manipulated for modern sensibilities. She is influenced by nature and archeological artefacts. 

Mizuyo’s pieces are primarily made on the wheel from a combination of different types of clay, which are subsequently glazed in natural muted tones. For the surfaces, Mizuyo uses traditional Japanese and Korean techniques, such as shinogi, mishima and kohiki, and Kezrui, carving with Japanese chisels.