Paul Philp Sculptural vessel 12
Paul Philp Sculptural vessel 12
Paul Philp Sculptural vessel 12

Paul Philp Sculptural vessel 12

Maker: Paul Philp

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Handmade in England

Dimensions: W 17cm x H 28cm 

Materials: Stoneware; China clay and Devon ball clay

Method: Hand built; modelled and carved 

Care: Dust lightly



Inspired by ancient vessels of 1000BC, Paul describes this piece restrained and challenging in its construction. Its composition is structured by groove laying a third down from the mouth of the vessel, balancing two petite handle forms at either side. Its stone-like texture is rugged and chalky contrasting to Its blackened interior.

The remarkable texture of the vessels results from repeated high-temperature firings. The body of the pieces is bisque-fired before various mixtures of clay and sand are repeatedly applied and fired at around 1000°C. Layers of thick China and Devon ball clay slip and plain stoneware wood-ash glaze are applied around the rim. The final firing is completed at white heat (1260°C).


About the Artist

Paul has been working with clay for over forty years and over that time has experimented with a variety of materials and techniques, some of which have never been tried before. This has resulted in equal measures of delight and frustration as some attempts work and others fail. It’s not an easy task especially as each of his pieces face, what he calls an “unknown future”, as various “breakdowns” (unpredictable cracks and fissures) occur as they are fired multiple times in the kiln. However, this is all part of Paul Philp’s unique creative process. It’s very important to him that each of his pieces develop into something that have their own individual character and identity. He wants them to have a life beyond him and soon after he starts to create them, they should continue on a journey of their own. We are attracted to this idea and hope that as owners and inheritors of his pieces that they will continue their journey in our own homes and beyond.