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Ram Rijal Diamond ring 48
Ram Rijal Diamond ring 48

Ram Rijal Diamond ring 48

Maker: Ram Rijal

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Exquisite Sapphire jewel set into a 22ct ring. Ram Rijal's hammered-gold creations are inspired by the precious stones he works with. His pieces are unique in their rough, organic yet refined, appearance which attests to their hand-made nature.  

Size: UK-J, US-5

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Ram Rijal grew up in Nepal, where he spent much of his time watching the craftsman in Kathmandu hammering and forging their creations. He is a self-taught jeweller, now living and working in London, and his memories of Nepal are fundamental to his jewellery designs. His work has been displayed in prestigious galleries and featured in many publications.


All pieces are made by hand in the UK