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Sun Kim

Sun Kim

Sun Kim creates ranges of functional ware, exploring traditional and contemporary aesthetics. Sun uses porcelain and stoneware as the main materials of her work.

Sun Kim’s collection of work is hand made on the potters wheel, then cut and assembled using hand building techniques. Sun explores the plasticity of the material of clay by folding, stretching and assembling. The inscribed lines play a key role within her pieces, emphasising the sense of volume, tension and expansion within a form. They act as moments of punctuation and draw the eye and hand to changes in pressure and movement. Architecture is a source of inspiration to her work. Growing up and being educated in a variety of countries, Korea, Brazil, America and England- Sun has been exposed to different cultures, tastes and aesthetics. Her work is an attempt to explore and to reconcile these aspects.

Currently: Assisting Edmund de Waal.


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