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Jane Bustin

Jane Bustin

A new collection of ceramic tea bowls hand made by artist Jane Bustin. Each tea bowl is unique in form. Jane plays with the material and process, creating movement within her pieces. A rawness and truthfulness are shown in this work. The tea bowls can be used as a stand alone art piece or a functional bowl.

Jane Bustin is a painter but has always had a strong interest in ceramics. She has recently been drawn to working with clay alongside her art and has a particularly strong interest in Japanese tea bowls. The material in particular, fascinates Jane, the endless possibilities and subtleties of slips and oxides on different clay bodies. The variations and precarious nature of firing, acts as an antidote to the relative control of applying paint to a surface. It is the power of the materials over the maker that is so engrossing and inevitably for an artist so addictive.




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