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In a harmonious blend of creativity and craftsmanship, Maud & Mabel are delighted to announce our participation at COLLECT 2024, the leading international fair for contemporary craft and design. Showcasing works by 17 established and emerging artists from around the world, our exhibition highlights the deep connection between the artist and their craft. 

Exhibition opens Thursday 29th February to Sunday 3rd March 

Works will be available online from 9pm Thursday 29th February at

For Tickets Visit 


Featured Artists:  Emelie Abrahamsson (Ceramic), Marco Bellini (Wood), Marie Eklund (Wood), Wataru Hatano (Paper), Kiho Kang (Ceramic), Shun Kumagai (Glass), Annette Lindenberg (Ceramic), Takahashi Mcgil (Wood), Marco Minetti (Ceramic), Gaku Nakane (Ceramic), Yoko Ozawa (Ceramic), Paul Philp (Ceramic), Hideo Sawada (Wood), Abigail Schama (Ceramic), Emi Suzuki (Mixed Media), Ryo Watanabe (Metal) and Cheng Wei (Ceramic)


Our artists share a philosophy and urgency to respond directly to their environment. Their approach to sourcing materials and producing works in small editions embodies a way of working. 


Our space pays tribute to the artisans who breathe life into the material. It celebrates enduring beauty and innovation, where traditional techniques meld seamlessly with contemporary sensibility. An immersive enclave of colours, textures, and forms showcasing our artists' inner worlds.


For more information on our exhibit, artists and available works contact us at




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