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Please note - Orders from the 'Nothing Gold Can Stay' exhibition will be dispatched from the 31st July.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

 Maud & Mabel proudly present their latest showcase, 'Nothing Gold Can Stay', an exhibition honouring the transient beauty of nature. It brings together eight international contemporary artists who skilfully capture this essence using materials sourced from the earth. Embracing the passage of time, their works infuse fleeting moments with enduring significance. From Sarah Jerath's organic ceramic forms to Suna Imre's meditative clay creations, each artist transforms simplicity into artistry..


11th – 27th July  

Location: 10 Perrins Court, Hampstead, London, NW3 1QS 

Online from 7.30pm Thursday 11th July at 


Celia Dowson (Glass)

Corrinne Eira Evans (Jewellery)

Suna Imre (Ceramic)

Sarah Jerath (Ceramic)

Annette Lindenberg (Ceramic)

Ash & Plumb (Wood)

Abigail Schama (Ceramic)

Mizuyo Yamashita (Ceramics)


Celia Dowson's compositions blur the boundaries between fluidity and form, capturing the essence of movement within static objects. Annette Lindenberg's mastery of the traditional Japanese craft of kurinuki enables her to form dynamic and ever-changing elemental surfaces. 



Delve into the subtle nuances of each artwork—from the ancient forms of Ash & Plum to Abigail Schama's reinterpretation of historic vessels. ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ serves as a meditation on the passage of time, a celebration of life's ephemeral beauty, and a poignant reminder to cherish each moment as it unfolds.


We invite you to the showcase of Nothing Gold Can Stay to celebrate the work of these eight contemporary artists. The exhibition will be held from the 11th – 27th of July, opening at 2pm on Thursday 11th at Maud & Mabel, 10 Perrins Court, Hampstead, London, NW3 1QS. Our online show will commence at 5pm on Thursday 11th July at


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