Scandinavian Exhibition

Scandinavian Elements; A Collection of Ceramics, Wood and Fine Stones.             

6 - 20 February 2020
PV: 6:30 pm

Maud & Mabel are proud to present an exciting exhibition of new works by contemporary Scandinavian potters, woodworkers and jewelers. The exhibition aims to celebrate a new wave of Scandinavian craft and design, with makers moving away from muted tones and minimal forms that the region is so well known for, and beginning to explore colour, tone, texture and form with a different perspective. The pieces will range from functional to installation and the show features artists from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Anna Lerinder

Ditte Blohm


Tina Marie Bentsen


Nathalie Lautenbacher


Marie Eklund

Jatta Lavi

Mats Svensson by Maya Bjørnsten

Enriqueta Cepeda


Inge Vincents