Svend Bayer

Svends HouseA trip to Sheepwash Devon to visit the renowned potter Svend Bayer.

Svend Pots in GardenSvend refers to his large pots in his garden as 'sentinels'. I was mesmerised by them. A strength and power permeates the atmosphere 

Svend Woodland2Svend’s enchanting woodland

Svend woodstackedOne wood firing would use all the wood and lasts for 3-5 days

Svend Wood& kiln2Svend gets true pleasure and satisfaction from chopping and stacking the wood for his hand built kiln. He is completely self-sufficient

Sevend pots in Studio 

SvendBayer ContextSupper with Svend and his son Bjorn was a feast for the senses. Delicious stir fry eaten from Svends perfect bowls using Bjorns hand carved spoons.

I was reluctant to leave the Pottery and peace of Sheepwash but armed with a selection of Svends pots headed back to the gallery.

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