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Matthias Kaiser

Maud and Mabel are thrilled to offer the work of Matthias Kaiser- Austrian Ceramicist.
Matthias Kaiser’s perfect imperfect Kohiki Faceted Café au Lait Bowls

Matthias digs and refines his own clay as well as testing and creating his own glaze recipes. The making of his work can take up to and over a month.

Each stage is equally important from thinking, sketching, designing and making to then firing the clay to create unique pieces.

Matthias decides on his shapes and forms through sketching first. Whilst drawing he considers the clay, glaze, firing and process uses for each creation.

At Maud and Mabel we are mesmerised by the poetic sketches of Matthias Kaiser. How rare it is to see an artists original drawings, we feel honoured- Thank you Matthias.

What makes Matthias most happy is to see his family enjoying everyday use of his ceramics.