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Svend Bayer @ Maud and Mabel

Trained under Michael Cardew, who considered Bayer to be his best pupil, Svend Bayer is a highly respected potter, exhibiting in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Australia and New Zealand.  Using local North Devon ball clays and firing his kiln with wood, Bayer is known for boldly decorated home ware and large pots.


Each piece is wood fired in the kiln over several days. It is a natural process which creates unique surfaces, making Svend’s domestic ware true to his aesthetic. When the wood ash lands on the pots, it melts and drips, and reacts with the silica in the clay. The effects are determined partly by the amount of oxygen inside the kiln. The best colours tend to be in a reduction atmosphere, where there's not enough air so nature leeches oxides out of the clay and the glazes.

Wood fired over several days and finished with a beautiful celadon glaze this large bowl is a true representation of studio pottery. Both practical and charming this bowl is a beautiful addition to the home.


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