Featured in Remodelista November, 2016

Maud & Mabel: Celebrating Artful Minimalism in Hampstead

Christine Chang Hanway
November 22, 2016

The picturesque village of Hampstead in North West London—a former spa town and once home to Henry Moore, Ben Nicholson, and Walter Gropius—celebrates as one of its own, Karen Whiteley, moves her ceramics shop Maud & Mabel from market stall to a shopfront around the corner. The former yoga teacher and set stylist credits her “pared-back aesthetic” to her boarding school education and seeks out work from over 40 like-minded pioneering artists and makers from the UK, Scandinavia, Italy, and Japan. If you’re in the neighborhood, a visit is well worth the trip. And if not, Maud & Mabel’s international customers make regular purchases through her online shop.

Photography by Liz Seabrook, courtesy of Maud & Mabel.