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Anna Lerinder is one of Sweden’s finest porcelain designers. Lerinder studied at Beckman School of Design from 1992 to 1995. Following this, she travelled to Lidköping, Sweden to learn the craft of plaster modelling and to work at Rörstrand, a porcelain factory, where she stayed for two years before setting up her own working studio in Gustavsberg’s old porcelain factory. Here, she worked as both a freelance designer and ceramic artist. Retaining links to Rörstrand and Ikea over the years, Lerinder has taken on many public commissions alongside her own production of personal projects. Lerinder is represented at the National Museum in Stockholm as well as Röhsska in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has also completed large-scale public installations, such as the new Sickla metro station in Stockholm. 


Form, proportions and contrasts are the foundation of Lerinder’s work. Throughout her practice, Lerinder has experimented with tableware design, decorative wall reliefs, and large-scale art pieces. The wide and varying range of her commissions provides her with fresh insights and perspectives that encourage her to utilise different materials from one day to the next. For her, the choice of material is of utmost importance - moving between stoneware, earthenware, and bone china; with a preference for the smoothness of china as a contrast to the coarseness of other materials. At the core of her practise is an engagement with three-dimensional spatial perceptions, however Lerinder has also for a long time sustained an interest in surfaces in relief form, and how textures stand against each other. In recent years, surface has gained new value in her work through painting, whereby she paints on her three-dimensional shapes but also on flat surfaces with relief. 



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