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Beautifully Flawed

We are delighted to share ‘Beautifully Flawed’, an exhibition of ceramics and wood, highlighting a selection of artists that capture the essence of wabi-sabi in contemporary craft.
Jayne Armstrong 
Dora Good
Rhian Jones
Cheng Wei
Masahiko Yamamoto

25th March - 3rd April 

The principals of Japanese aesthetics have long influenced and intrigued contemporary artists and craftspeople from all over the world. Embracing ‘flaws’, creating balance through irregularity, subtlety, lack pretence and intent unforced are just few of many features that are striven for and applauded.
Displaying a wide range of techniques, materials, inspirations and styles, the artists brought together in ‘Beautifully Flawed’ highlight the skill and delicacy of embracing the ‘imperfect’ and mastering the delicate balance of the raw and the refined.
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