Karina Smagulova Woman no. 240
Karina Smagulova Woman no. 240
Karina Smagulova Woman no. 240

Karina Smagulova Woman no. 240

Maker: Karina Smagulova

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Handmade in UK

Dimensions: H 59cm x Ø 31cm

Materials: Stoneware

Method:  Hand coiled 

Care: Not watertight



This unique and contemporary vessel celebrates the female body through its asymmetrical structure and fluid forms. The mastery of traditional techniques, such as hand-building and coiling, is evident in its design. The vessel uses its surface to contour and play with light, navigating and occupying its surrounding space. Its surface showcases the raw clay with beautiful inclusions and haptic marks, handled with sensitivity and true artistry. This centrepiece commands attention and showcases Smagulova's exceptional work as she manipulates the raw clay with intuition and intention.

Each piece is hand coiled and carefully signed. It may carry marks from the making process. Please note finishings may vary.


About the Artist

Karina Smagulova is a multidisciplinary artist with formal training in architecture, currently working within the intersection of craft, art and design. Her ever-evolving visual vocabulary delves into the physicality of form across various scales and mediums. Working with clay in a variety of hand-building techniques, she balances asymmetrical forms in the three dimensional world. The “Women Vessels” are part of Karina’s ongoing research in form and the transcendental meanings of the vessel through the method of coiling. Previous exhibitions include Collect Art Fair at Somerset House in 2022, Arts & Crafts Fair at Isetan Mitsukoshi in Tokyo, ‘300 Objects’ during London Craft Week in 2020 and the group show ‘Being Human’ at Thrown Contemporary, among others. Karina, with Armenian and Kazakhstan heritage, was born in Greece and presently lives in London, UK.