SASA Works is the artistic vision of Craig Bamford, an artist, architect, designer and master craftsman. Craig creates collections and spaces with a unique sense of style that resonate healing qualities through a meeting of the spiritual and the elemental. Each piece is formed through a relationship with materials that are locally sourced, reclaimed and reimagined to bring their own unique story. This fusing of traditional craftsmanship, artistry and attention to detail create a holistic sustainability. Sacred places throughout the world continue to inspire the visions of the practice.

Craig’s artistic vision draws on these disciplines to explore the poetics of space, with an emphasis on writing, drawing and painting as part of his process.He is passionate about the quest for creating that perfect sense of place and home – in harmony with the elements and those that will inhabit the spaces.

“there is something about working with elemental materials that puts you in contact with all dimensions of time and memory.”


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