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'Datsuzoku: Unbound by Convention'

Datsuzoku - a break from routine and convention, to discover more creativity, resourcefulness, and to perceive your surroundings differently


From poetic forms that embrace the inherent ‘imperfections’ and characteristics of materials, in the wood works of Masami Tokuda and Takahashi McGil, and the rich surfaces and endless ceramic forms of Toru Hatta, Takashi Suzuki, Yukico Yamada and Kazonori Ohnaka, to the timelessly minimal sculptural metalworks of Ryo Watanabe and the playfully abstract paintings of Wataru Hatano, the exhibition offers an intense and intimate look in the variety, and soul, of contemporary Japanese craft.



Wataru Hatano      Toru Hatta       Kazunori Ohnaka      Masami Tokuda    Takahashi McGil      
 Aki Sakaida        Takashi Suzuki          Ryo Watanabe        Yukico Yamada
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