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Ditte Blohm is a Danish self-taught ceramicist based in London. Born in South Denmark in a small rural outpost called Aabenraa, Blohm’s early surroundings were forest and sea - where solitude is a default rather than a luxury. With a background in fine art and contemporary installation art, Blohm was drawn to ceramics due to the slowness and contemplation provided by the medium. She currently lives and works in East London. 

Ditte Blohm’s work combines the serenity of the Scandinavian design aesthetic with the Japanese approach to the imperfect and incomplete. Her work intends to provoke a sensory experience in the user. Blohm is particularly drawn to the colour white because of its enhancement of the shape and material of the piece, and works primarily in porcelain.  Inspired by the exciting uncertainty of Japanese aesthetics, Blohm’s work can draw one in by merely observing its difference and its uniqueness. Her sculptural works invite us to marvel at the possibilities of clay when it meets in Ditte's erudite hands; there is unending fascination in their fluid shapes and strength.

“In a world that favours distraction, it's always a challenge not to be pulled in all directions.

But sculpting wet clay is calming. It instantly brings me back to the calm Danish countryside and allows me to immerse myself in my universe and let my mind lead my hands. When this happens, the sculptures take on their own life, and an exciting journey begins. Living in a world with constant distractions and a search for the perfect, I try to pause, slow down, and be present in the moment. My pieces create sensory experiences while embracing the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete." - Ditte Blohm


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