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Dora Good is part of the Alzamora and Good family matriarchal trio, living and working in Majorca. She is a third generation practitioner of ceramics. Based in a small mountain town called Deia on the island of Mallorca, Dora has been around clay since she was little, exploring her family’s ceramic studio. Her passion with clay started a little over five years ago - after seeing a potter at work Dora bought a wheel, converted an old electric kiln with her mother and taught herself how to throw.

Dora creates unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Everything she makes is hand-thrown and handmade - the whole process begins and ends with her hands. All her works are made from stoneware clays and finished with high-fire glazes or primitive techniques, such as black firing,in order to achieve a range of surfaces and textures. She mixes chalky glazes that have been passed down from her ceramicist grandmother. The inspiration for Dora's designs come from her surroundings; feeling her work is a quest to express the balance of nature - imperfect perfection, the crude and the refined, the line and the curve, the space or the lack of it. Dora finds the process of transforming earth into an object of beauty, whether it be sculptural or functional, completely captivating. Her ceramics are intended to express the balance of time and nature. Through a spontaneous artistic process which is both conscious and subconscious, Dora creates objects which aim to provoke an emotional reaction through their shape, form, texture, and colour. Dora Good takes inspiration from nature, cleverly manipulating stoneware clay into organic forms and textures. She aims to create an object of imperfect perfection through crudely refined line and form, and to transform the earth into an object of beauty to outlive its creator.


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