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Exhibition: Anna Silverton

Exhibition: Anna Silverton


Anna Silverton trained at the Royal College of Art in London, after which, she set up her own studio with the help of a Craft Council grant. Looking specifically at ceramics Anna admires the balance and simple elegance of Chinese Song dynasty porcelain and the vitality of contemporary Korean ceramics. Aiming to create beautiful pots through the gradual renewal and incremental reinvention of forms, Anna’s decisions when working focus on shape and surface, and how one enhances the other. Drawn to the way it fuses with glazes and becomes translucent when thin, Anna notes, porcelain has a plasticity to it which, (whilst making it a more challenging material to work with as it does not have the raw strength of other clays, is easily overworked and has a tendency to shrink when fired) makes it an incredibly sensual material to work with.
Pieces in the Porcelain exhibition will be dispatched after the 7th of July


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