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Exhibition: Derek Wilson

Exhibition: Derek Wilson


Born in Belfast Derek Wilson graduated from Ulster University with an MA in Applied Arts in 2007. He has exhibited extensively, gaining international recognition for his ceramic-based practice. His minimalist objects shift between the utilitarian and the abstract, referencing ideas of restraint and containment. Drawn to work with porcelain for colour, tone and whiteness, “a blank canvas to gradually build upon layers of engobe or glaze”, Derek Wilson searches for simplicity of form, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of source. Questioning functionality, he uses the vessel as a means of artistic expression by which to explore free and geometric abstraction. Appreciating the historical value, references to tradition, purity and quality of the material in both a soft and fired state, Derek explains that whilst the warping and cracking of porcelain is a challenge to work with, knowledge and experience of using the material to form and manipulate has allowed him to understand its limits.
Pieces in the Porcelain exhibition will be dispatched after the 7th of July


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