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D-HAENE STUDIO is a Brooklyn-based ceramic and design studio created by artist Jane Yang - D’Haene. Born and raised in Korea, D’Haene draws inspiration from the minimalist forms of traditional Korean pottery, pulling them into the contemporary conversation by introducing an unexpected vocabulary of colors, textures, and design elements. Each of D’Haene’s pieces speak to her heritage while tapping into the here and now, lending an energetic sense of place and power to their surroundings.

Previously an architectural design director and children’s fashion designer, D’Haene came to ceramics in a moment of transition, when everything seemed up in the air. Though she did not take to the medium at first, she soon found that the tactile processes of hand-building and wheel-throwing made her feel centered, calm, and inspired. Once she recognized her love of ceramics, she was all in, researching, studying, and exploring. In a studio at Industry City, she worked relentlessly day and night teaching herself and perfecting her forms and experimenting with finishes and glazes.
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