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Josephine Cottrell  'Serebryany Bor' (Silver Woods) Framed Monotype
Josephine Cottrell  'Serebryany Bor' (Silver Woods) Framed Monotype
Josephine Cottrell  'Serebryany Bor' (Silver Woods) Framed Monotype

Josephine Cottrell 'Serebryany Bor' (Silver Woods) Framed Monotype

Maker: Josephine Cottrell

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Handmade in UK

Dimensions: Print: W-12cm x H–16cm Frame: W-26cm x H–31cm

Materials: ink on paper

Method: monotype



The series 'Serebryany Bor' captures frosted landscapes through subtle and wistfully delicate markings.  As with much of Josephine's work, the imagery plays between abstraction and intimate detailing drawing you into the scene.  Providing a moment of solitude, the soft monochromatic landscapes appear as if through a wintery haze, leaving specifics to the individual viewer.

Framed in black/brown stained wood with non reflect uv glass.


About the Artist:

Born in the UK, Josephine grew up traveling, spending most of her life in Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Returning to the UK for university where she completed a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Printmaking, she now lives and works in London.

Drawing from elements of abstraction and romanticism, Josephine’s current work explores perception, with underlying hints of nature, land, sea and cityscapes.

Creating imagery that is devoid of a prevailing narrative, Josephine’s work is not just open to, but encourages individual response, highlighting differences in experiences, memories and interpretations. Using traditional Japanese Aesthetics as a guiding principle, subtlety and detail are critical; the smallest of details can mark an image as either too literal, or as an image lacking in content.

Grounded in printmaking’s process and materials, her work has become increasingly experimental, working across multiple media. Using traditional techniques and materials in a non-traditional way, the creative process is as instrumental to the work as the initial concept or desired aesthetic