Born in Tokyo in 1983, Koichi Onozawa is a ceramicist currently based Nakagawa, Tochigi Prefecture. Having originally studied economics, Koichi found a strong interest in ceramics and decided to continue his studies at Pottery Design and Technical Centre in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, graduating in ceramic design in 2008.

Whilst in Tajimi, Koichi became particularly inspired by ceramics works from the Momoyama period (1573–1603) as well as Korean ceramics, and since 2011 has lived in Nakagawa, where he creates collections of vessels, table ware and sculptural forms. His work is experimental and considered, with unique and refined combinations of materials and processes, he creates forms that are refined, stating that he wants to express the "integration of primitive beauty in modernity" and achieve a new and unique expression by means of traditional Japanese materials and methods. 

Through his poetic, minimalistic forms he hopes to connect people through the unique and unbiased emotion of viewing and appreciating beautiful objects.


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