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Louise Egedal works across artistic fields, in ceramics, painting, photography and sculpture, on the island Funen in Denmark. Her ceramic pieces are inspired by Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthetics and her classical Danish craft education. Louise calls her fusion of the Japanese concept of the beauty of imperfection and the Danish preference for minimalism and strict lines, “Nordic Wabi-sabi.”

Louise’s rustic and vivid stoneware pieces are thrown on the wheel, and subsequently chiselled and carved, with the Japanese Hakeme-technique used for brushwork. Marks from the process of creating are purposefully left to emphasize its hand-made production and that each piece is one of a kind. The continuing production of unique pieces demonstrates Louise’s dedication to experimentation. The muted tones of Louise’s pieces evoke the natural surroundings encountered during walks by the North Sea on Funen, the mountains of Switzerland and England’s countryside.




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