Ryo Watanabe

Born in Japan in 1978, Ryo Watanabe is an acclaimed artist who uses his masterly hand to capture the understated beauty in our everyday life. Graduating in 2001 from Musashino Art University, his practice is informed by nature, emanating the essence of his environment in the materials he uses. Using traditional materials such as brass and iron, Watanabe makes one-of-a-kind objects with relaxed shapes, soft curves and curled bodies, mirroring nuts and twigs, fallen leaves and pebbles gathered on his daily walks. He trusts his intuition and collects found objects he resonates with, responding to them with his skillful techniques. He depicts a poetic bond between the human senses and materiality, creating a magically tangible and one-to-one experience with the objects. The natural characteristics of his material choice and use of wood grain results in a unique pattern and quiet colour palette, making the materials look vivid and clean. This beautifully organic process allows the owner to enjoy the intriguing transformation of the material through age.

Watanabe describes the textured surface of his pieces as imagining tearing off the surface of the stone and turning it into a vessel which can be kept in one’s pocket. He envisions the owner cherishing life’s simple moments with his original and functional works of art.

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