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Samuel Sparrow


Samuel Sparrow is a potter and maker based in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. He produces wheel-thrown tableware and objects in stoneware. Having studied Design at Glasgow School of Art, Samuel went on to work for Habitat and Ikea before turning away from mass production and establishing a studio based on his own design principles.

His ceramic practice began in 2018 and his work aims to celebrate simplicity and functionality, creating a balance form and function. His pieces are thrown on the wheel and the focus is their materiality, as he avoids any adornments or decoration, resulting in emphasizing the inherent beauty of hand-made objects. .

“From the moment I sat down at a wheel I knew that I had found my place. Is there any other discipline that encompasses so many processes? From the meditative action of centering, the physicality of wedging clay, to the alchemy of glazing and firing. At the end of a day in the studio I’m tired, fulfilled, satisfied, in both body and mind. I sleep well.” - Samuel Sparrow

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