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Steve Smith is a ceramic artist working from his home studio in the Scottish Borders. Steve creates his pieces on the potter’s wheel, primarily from porcelain, which allows an incomparable tactile finish. 

Steve's current practice focuses on smoke-firing in a saggar, using raw materials foraged from the wild hills around his home. Steve also uses a wide array of other materials, including wire wool, oxides and salts. The resulting pieces, a fusion of old techniques with modern design, are both serene and dramatic. For Steve, they embody the strength and emotions born from music and the incredible landscape surrounding him.

"For me, ceramics is a lifelong journey - I am constantly trying to go further with my throwing skills, decoration techniques, and the surface quality of my work. Much like life itself, it’s a constantly evolving process of discovering, rediscovering, experimenting, patience, and breakthroughs."
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