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Takashi Endo is a self-taught ceramic artist from Kanagawa, Japan. He is highly renowned for his lightweight and monochromatic creations which are formed using clay sourced locally from Iga and Shigaraki, regions that are part of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan, and where pottery has been produced for centuries. Endo works with a combination of porous clays which are carved down to the bare minimum. This, along with a reduction-firing process, allows the natural textures of the clay to appear. The rough surfaces of Endo’s works are highlighted by his rejection of decoration and his preference for a monochromatic palette.

Coarse and organic textures contrast with the sharp and bold lines of his forms. Inspired by architecture, music and design rather than pottery itself, Endo continually explores the essence of "enso," the Japanese interpretation of the circle. Following his creative intuition takes priority over the function of his vessels. His minimalist philosophy enables the production of pieces that have an elegance which belies their sturdiness and ensures their functionality. The fragile appearance of the ceramics inspire focus, care and the necessity of being present in daily life.


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