Born Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Takashi Suzuki originally studied economics at university, however whilst working in a book shop after graduating, he was invited to join a pottery club where he had his first experience with clay. In 2000 he became full time ceramicist. Having had no previous education in ceramics, Takashi says he learnt everything from books and his own ‘many mistakes’.

After becoming a full time ceramicist, Takashi began to work with celadon glazes, which he had always been interested in and now uses in the majority of is works. He is particularly drawn to using cracked celadon and citrus ash glaze. Takashi uses his own mixture of clay and porcelain from all major regions in Japan, such as Shigaraki, Tokoname and Arita, as well as other clays. The colour of Takashi’s ceramics comes from the small amount of iron in the glaze, the high iron content of the red and black clay and the high temperature reduction firing.

The Pacific Ocean stretches out in front of Takashi’s workshop and home. The sea changes its expression every moment according to the season and the weather. Takashi’s pottery changes its expression with the reflection of light from the fine bubbles and multiple layers of cracks in the thick glaze. It has long been said that Celadon is the colour of the sky after the rain, but Takashi feels Celadon captures the expression of the sea below and confines it in his work. Since his first solo exhibition in 2001, Takashi has continued to show his work in several solo and group exhibitions each year.
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