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Cheng Wei Black Tea Serving Pot


Handmade in China

Dimensions: ø 10cm x H 7.5cm 

Materials: ceramic



This Black Tea Serving Pot has been left unglazed so we can enjoy all the natural qualities of the iron rich clay it is made from. The pot is unadorned and bears only the traces of the artists hand shaping the pot. It is detailed with a simple but gestural spout.      


About the Artist

Born in Luzhou, Sichuan province of China in 1987, Cheng Wei graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in 2010 and went on to set up his own studio. After being inspired by a natural wood firing process in 2013, he established his personal brand Songfeng House.

Cheng’s practice mainly revolves around teaware, favouring clay with a high iron content. “Personally, I feel that teaware made with high iron clay is perfect for tea making because the material enriches the flavour of tea. My teaware will change over time with use. Most of my teaware is left naturally finished with no glaze, and some I prefer to treat the surface with expressive layers of clay, which present a sense of age and the passing of time.”

Through an eclectic range of forms and finishes, Cheng Wei’s harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary, organic and refined, ancient and contemporary, create an exciting and endlessly unique collection.

Cheng Wei Black Tea Serving Pot



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