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Wu Wei Cheng is a self-taught ceramicist from Taiwan. His sculptural and functional pieces take inspiration from industrial design and architecture. Wu’s structured forms demonstrate the influence of Taiwainese sculptor Ju Ming, who is renowned for boxy bronze and steel sculptures. 

Wu has spent years teaching himself and has developed a distinctive style through trial and error that refrains from conforming to conventions. Wu uses imported clay, distinguishing him from the majority of Taiwanese potters, who source their materials locally. The clay used by Wu allows greater consistency in his textures and enhances the clarity of his glazes. Wu’s designs are intended to belie their materiality, which is enabled by the texture and glazes he creates, colours of which vary widely, and include metallic silvers.  

Wu’s practice is informed by the tea culture of Taiwan. His tea utensils are composed of sharp carvings and edges, yet are smooth to touch due to polishing. Teapots and teacups which express Wu’s commitment to experimenting with shape contain and exude a sense of strength, regardless of their size.

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