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Carol Douglas 'Observing Akiko 2'
Carol Douglas 'Observing Akiko 2'
Carol Douglas 'Observing Akiko 2'

Carol Douglas 'Observing Akiko 2'

Maker: Carol Douglas

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Handmade in England

Dimensions: 50cm x 100cm 

Materials: acrylic on canvas 



We are pleased to share this limit series of portraits, capturing the ever talented Akiko Hirai in her studio.  charming portrait by Caroline Douglas presents a flat plane composition of a solitary elongated figure, who is dressed in a blue pinafore with a flowing skirt. With use of earthy tones, the figure stands before a backdrop divided into geometric/linear segments, made up of warm mustards and cool grey blues. Beside the figure sits two elegant white vessels. The composition plays with perspective, giving the figure a full skirt and slender shoulders, as if the viewer is looking up from below. The figure’s head is painted in a warm brick tone, highlighting it against the backdrop, encouraging the viewer’s eye to glide upwards the vertical plane. Douglas’ work often touches on a reflection of domestic life, and here we have a glimpse into a simple yet graceful scene of daily living.


About the Artist

Carol Douglas lives and works in York, producing artworks that centre around the aesthetics of domestic surroundings. Creating abstracted, flat plane compositions her artworks are made up of simplified forms using earthy tones. Douglas collected artwork throughout her life and during her mid 60s she took up painting, enrolling on an Art Foundation course at York College. Her final project was titled ‘Domestic Objectivity’, with this theme consistently present throughout her practice since. By bringing together household objects, her work engages with reflection of domestic life, speaking to both Douglas’ history and personality. 

Her artistic methods consist of experimentation of painting on hessian, mono-printing on fabric, acrylic on canvas using smaller rollers, blind drawing, painting and collage, and traditional painting styles. Douglas draws inspiration from artist John Bratby, one of the four Kitchen Sink artists, who created compositions inspired by everyday living and domesticity. 

In 2018 Douglas was awarded the Art and Design Lifelong Student of the Year award. Her work is currently shown in galleries in both York and London, and is acquired by both interior designers and collectors.