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Kiho Kang Sculptural Vase 31


Dimensions: Ø 14cm x H 32cm

Materials: Porcelain

Method: Hand built

Care: Watertight, dry after use 



Crafted from a mixture of clays collected in Germany’s volcanic valley, this sculptural vase in muted, neutral, warm brown is both playful and pure, possessing an earthy texture and geometric form emphasized by the unglazed matte exterior and transparent glazed interior. 


About the Artist

Kiho Kang, born in Jin-Hae, South Korea, is now based in Munich, Germany. Kiho completed a BA in ceramic art from Kookmin University in Seoul in 2009 followed by a Masters in artistic ceramic and glass at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany. 

Kiho constructs strictly geometric vessels and tableware by coiling and pinching, slowly building up each piece. Kiho’s ceramics are inspired by memory, architecture and everyday objects. They are both fully functional and aesthetic, created with the user in mind and with the aim of purity. Kiho refrains from adding unnecessary adornments to his pieces to allow the user to experience the texture of the clay, which varies widely due to his practice of mixing clays collected in Germany’s volcanic valleys. This is enhanced by the unglazed matte exteriors combined with transparent glazed interiors, which emphasizes the pure and structural elements of the work

Kiho Kang Sculptural Vase 31



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